Sunday, January 15, 2012

Banning adsense account

Google's adesense is the most popular advertising company among bloggers and webmasters. Because of its reputation its want to keep advertiser's rights properly, but some times it goes against the publishers unethically. Although your website has not any ilegal content, You have chance to get banned by adsense. The reason behind that is iterating ad clicking of a visitor. The adsense bot will warn you by email , You wouldn't get any certain info about the warning . so it is well to close your advertising for somedays after getting warning email to prevent banning. If you banned by adsense there is few chance to restore your adsense account, although you have a chance to appeal against . But the appeal viewer is a automated bot biased of banning adsense accounts. so most of the time your appeal will be rejected.

You couldn't creat adsense account any more with previous website, bank details and address as adsense stored these info and already marked as banned.

If you want be a adsense publisher once again after banning first time, You have to choose a different website and a different back account. Don't place your new adsense ads on your prvious domain what was banned.

This overall guideline is a brief description about account banning of adsense. If you have any specific question, Please write in comment.

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