Monday, January 16, 2012

Check whether a blog dofollow or nofollow

I had posted about dofollow blogs and list of some dofollow blogs a few days ago, You can read it here.

Today i will talk about how to know that wheter the blog dofollow or nofollow? There are simple ways to check that.

  1. The difference between a dofollow and nofollow blog is 'rel' attribute. Nofollow blog's link embeded with rel="nofollow" suggesting search engine spider to not follow the blog. Dofollow blogs not have this attribute in their link. To check the link's source code - point your mouse cursor on the link, View source code , and see whether the link dofollow or nofollow.
  2. It is the easiest way. You can check dofollow / nofollow links by a firefox add-on. Simply go to Tools menu > add-ons > search for "NoDoFollow" then install the add-on. After that when you visit a site, The dofollow and nofollow links will be investigable by their color and font size. Look at the picture below.

Hope you understand the fact. Feel free to comment under the post for any purpose.

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