Saturday, January 28, 2012

Get a job on odesk

Day by day oDesk is getting more popularity. The number of job providers is increasing day by day with the growth of freelancers in odesk (known as contractor). So it is getting more difficult than that of before. So if you are new in odesk, You can't get a job immediately. But some ways are open to you for a getting a job instantly and easily after signing up in odesk as a freelancer (contractor). Here i am focusing on some aspects you must care about.

Standard profile: A standard profile will develop your honesty look. Don't put anything unreal there. Belive me, the people who are making lots of money there are no different than you. So be honest in your way. You will be scceed in the long run.

oDesk readiness test: To get a job, You should take odesk readiness test. I don't think you will be hired by any employer unless you take odesk readiness test. You have to pass that test in order to qualify as a contractor. You will pass the odesk readiness test exam if you get at least 70% in the exam. odesk readiness test answers were provided in this blog. You can find these by simply searching for "odesk readiness test answers" in the right search bar.

Complete your profile: completing your profile in odesk will increase your job applying quota as well as it makes a employer more trustful to you. You may have to fill your educational background, another company name your working on, etc in the forms.

Make an alluring cover letter: When your applying to a job; You must attach an attractive cover letter with job application. It will allure you employer to choose you.

Enrich your portfolio: You should put your work sample in your portfolio. That must be related about the job you are experienced on. Put your best works' sample in the portfolio.

Select category: Select as less categories as you can. You must choose a category what your are skilled in. But if you are skilled in different work sthat is different. It is better than to be a master of one thing to be jack of many trades. Remember i am talking about main categories as like Web development, Graphics design, Writing. I am not saying about the subcategories under those. 

Hope this article will help you to get a job faster in odesk. Good luck in your odesk career. :)

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