Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Make money by facebook

Facebook is a socila network where people connect with each other. It was originally developed for college and varsity students' use. But in these days it has been expanding ashtonishingly. Now facebook has more than 800 million users. More than 50% of its user log in to facebook everyday. Average user has 130 friends. Now , Imagine, How big this platform is if you want to promote your business with it. That's why many giant companies of the world promoting there business with facebook. Like adidas, nike, mazda, bmw etc. 

If you are facebook user , You may hear that some people are making money with facebook. is this really possible? Yes! you also can make a good deal of money with facbook. To make money with facebook , You have to have facebook page with some members. some application allow you to make money with your facebook page. But the first thing i repeating is you must own a facbook  page. Making money with facebook is not easier than other online money making systems. But if you own page with thousands of member, Then the thing will really easy to you. Now i will tell about some apps with what you could make money by your facebook fan page.

  1. zazzle : zazzle allows you to creat any item or product in their site and selling them on facebook fane page. The product of zazzle is customized t-shirts, hats etc. You can also sell other arists' product by giving them a share of revenue.
  2. Cafepress : cafepress is some like zazzle. But it is much more bigger than that. You can sell t-shirts using this app, whether the product is created by you or not.
  3. Ether : ether is a website where you can make money by giving advice. Recently this website has created their facebook application. You can use their new app in your fb account. If you are good at giving advice, You can make money by that. Clients' call will diverted to your phone. YOu have to give advice over phone.
  4. Music blaster : music blasters' app allows you to sell their song by setting up a store on facebook. YOu will get 5% commission of sold product. 
  5. Garage sell : by using this app, You can sell your old goods to facebook users. The persone could pay you by their credit card and the amount will automatically deposite to your paypal account. This app will tell you how to ship the product from user instruction.
  6. Shopit : with this app you can build your own store at facebook and sell anything you want.
  7. Flametunes : If you are a artist , You can sell your music on facebook . this app also allow you to sell these on myspace.
  8. ebay : this is a facebook app of ebay . You can import your everything details of ebay to facebook by this app.
  9. Lending club : You can lend money to people and get interest from that by this facebook app. YOu don't have to do anything actually, It will set up all  by your command.

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