Thursday, January 26, 2012

Make money from twitter

Twitter is a microblogging platform getting popularity day by day. Almost all mega stars of the world signed up for twitter. Nowadays, the popularity of one is measured by the total twitter follower he has. However, If you are using twitter and have some follower on that, You can earn money from twitter. Some comapanies are offering ads for the people who has some twitter followers. So you can earn money whether you have thousands twitter followers or not. I will guide you step by step to make money from twitter in this article.

TwittAd: The first comapany who is offering money against your twitter followrs. It is the most reliable and trusted twitter monetizing company. You need a lot of user to make money with it. You can check their paying details and everything by simply visiting

Be-a-magpie: The another popular website to make money from twitter. By this service, You can make money by your twitts. In the begening , You will be asked for enter you twitter username, Then they will estimate that how much you could earn by your twitter account. Its a simple and great service. Don't miss it.

Adcause : A new platform. In this website , You have to set a bid for your advertiser. If anyone like your bid, He will hire your account for placing ad. Example: You have set a rate of 5$ for every 15 posts.

TwitterHat: It is a easygoing twitter advertiser company. You will be contracted with them for placing background and banner ads in your twitter profile. Earning will be varied according to click on ad and your total twitter followers.

 In this post I have tried my best to give you some reliable an easy accesseble information about making money from twitter. If you have any question or feedback, feel free to comment below.

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