Thursday, January 19, 2012

Make Money From Youtube

Now the time has gone of wasitng your valuable time by uploading and downloading videos in Youtube. You can earn money from youtube. You may think that i am joking. But i am not. I will reveal the secret about making money from youtube in this post. This article will make you fully informed about making money from youtube. Please read this article carefully.

  • Share videos : You can earn money by sharing your videos of youtube, In youtube or outside youtube . Share your youtube videos in popular social networks like facebook, myspace, digg etc. You have to be the real owner of the video. Youtube has its own advertising program. Set it up in your account and get paid for every stream of your video and every click on ads.
  • Affiliate links : You can promote your amazon, ebay and more other affiliate links by an youtube video. Simply put it in the beginnig of the video. You can use annotation for this purpose. It will allure people to visit your link.
  • Sell your product : Make a video review of your product and upload it to youtube. You must make a appropriate title for the video according to your product's niche. As like your product is a video editing application. You should give title as " the best video editing software". here works your creativity.
  • Drive traffic to your site : Traffic is the life blood of a blog or website. You can't make money with a site unless you have good traffic in your site. Create a video about the niche relevent to your website's niche. Tell about your website in the video. Make people allured about your website. discuss about a topic and tell them to visit your website for details.


  1. Make a quality video. Don't dream of success unless you have quality video which attracts people.
  2. Don't make a video too small . It should be above 30 seconds.
  3. You must show your affiliate links in your video as well as your website url.
  4. Make an appropriate title for the video. Must be releavent to your product.
  5. Add your targeted keyword in the description.
  6. Share the video in different social networks for more view.
  7. Don't forget to add annotation. Which should contain your affiliate link or website url.
  8. Build backlinks of your videos.
  9. Add your video to "video response".

Hope the information above will help you to make money from video. If you have any question or feedback, Please comment below. Regard : admin,

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