Sunday, January 1, 2012

make money in microworkers is great site to earn money as a newbie.

the reasons behind choosing microworkers than other site is given below:

1.microworkers pays a 1$ into your Microworker's account just for
joining. Everybody likes a freebie, including me, and making money,
even if it's only a buck for no work is always a plus! you could
hardly find any site like this which pays for joining also.even some
sites would ask for dollars for opening account on their site.he he he

2. microworkers jobs would pay more than other site's job do.its trusted.

3, microworkers pays directly to your paypal is the
greatest feature of microworkers. you dont have to wait much time for
your payment.

4.microworkers' minimal payment limit is less than that of any other is just 6$. so as soon as you reach 6$ only you could request
for payment.

when working in microworkers you must follow these tips:

1.Never Submit Fake Proofs of completed work this could lead to low
Success Rate.

2.Always do those jobs which you are able to do and which have high
success percentage.

3.If your success rate is rated less than 75% by the job provider then
you will not be able to do anymore tasks.

This is all for tonight.i will post more information about
microworkers and other freelancing sites tommorrow.please comment
under if you like the post or have any question.

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