Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Make money online by logo designing

Are you a good graphics designer ? If you have sophisticated creativity and able to make nice logos, You can earn money from online by designing.
Do you know how much a logo could be paid ? If you meet a big company , they would give you 1000$-%5000$ for each logo and sometimes more. If you are expert logo designer you could complete a logo within 2 days, so ? 5000$ in two days ? Is not it amazing?
Before designing a logo , You should bear it in mind that your logo should be :
  1. sophisticated , Means it should be good to see.
  2. Eye catching, It should attract customer's look.
  3. simple, Don't zumbled your logo by putting unnecessery things.
  4. Relevant, It should be r.elevant to the product it is focusing on.
  5. Memorable, Your logo must be memorable to the mind.
Softwares for designing a logo :
  • Corel draw.
  • Adobe illustrator (cs5 recommended)
  • Adobe photoshop.
websites for making money by desinging logo :
  1. oDesk.com : It is a website for freelancing. You can do anytype of freelancing there. Add logo designing to your skill, Take some test, You will be get hired by companies.
  2. logomyway.com : Nice and the best site for logo makers. The most comfortable site to get a job as a logo designer.
  3. 99designs.net : it would be also a good place to start. For Logo desingers and graphics desingers.
  4. freelancer.com : Almost same as odesk. Add logo making to your skill list and get hired.
This post is just a slight over view of this topic. For details visit Make money online by logo designing

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