Friday, January 13, 2012

make money by blogging

Blogging is an important subject to a freelancer. many people around the world are blogging in different platforms . some people are blogging to make the audience know about him , his product or companie etc and some are blogging for making money as like me . you can earn money by blogging despite you don't have any programming language , because you will get ready made script and free hosting like blogger to blog . all you have to do is just post quality articles under a certain niche . there are many cms and blogging software over the internet as like wordpree etc . if you are a newbie i recommend you to use blogger's hosting . but if you want to blog professionally , you have to buy a paid domain and hosting and if you use wordpress , it will be better . the rest is upon you .

  • posting : To become a success blogger , you have to be good article writer , because the life of a blog is it's articles . Don't make your blog trash by posting unrelated articles . keep your article length from 250-400 words and it should be informative . Keep posting everyday .
  • seo : Search engine optimizing is a very very important issue in blogging . you have to optimized your blog for serch engine . use related keywords and description in meta tags . get backlinks by commenting on dofollow blogs to rank your page high  . 
  • Design : make your blog interface user friendly . make it easily navigateable . don't use excess hacks , java script , flash files, advertisements
  • Monetize : you can earn money from your blog by putting there ads . to me adsense is the best advertising company which aquired by serch giant google . but they are so strict in rule , if you do even a small trick , they probably will ban you with your revenue . so be carefull . Don't place any pornography or hacking content or link in your blog . A best adsense alternative is chitika . they are not so strict as adsense.

It is a primary tutorial about blogging . if you want to know more just comment below .

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