Friday, January 13, 2012

make money by selling ebooks

are you a good writer ? are you a good researcher ? are you a good poet ? if any of these answers is Yes! then you are going to be rich by selling your ebooks online . how ? now i will tell you step by step . just be patient .

Its a job you can do staying in home . you can make a ebook and sell that to internet . a kindle publisher can sell 1 million ebooks in a year , each book costs 3$-9$ .seeming unbeliveable?

But it is true . millions of kindle are sold every year . where go these large number of readers?

definetile in kindle shop . which is , this platform its totally free for publishers .if you want to sell your books ther , simply go to and register as a publisher and upload your book (.txt format). all are simple tasks . if any of your books get popularity , you will not have to see  back . be a millionaire over a month .

There is another good platform except amazon kindle to sell ebooks , a freeware book publishing site . you have to upload a whole ebook there . search on internet and download a free ebook making software . save it with .exe extension .make a paypal account ( ) . attatch your paypal with your lulu account .set price for your book. upload the ebook to your publisher account . the work is finished !

when anybody will buy your book , the cash will go to your paypal account . later you can send your paypal balance to your local bank account .

wish you good luck in ebook selling! 

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