Friday, January 20, 2012

Make money by copywriting

A copywriter is a person who writes sales letters or sales page which helps product owner to promote his selling. Millions of new products are launching everyday, But every product owner does not know how to write a sales page. A sales page is usually used to convince people to buy a particular work. If you are a good article writer you can also be a copy writer. The difference between an article writer and a copy writer is copy writer writes sales pages and article writers writes articles. So if you are a article writer you can be copy writer by doing some research in internet about how to be a copywriter.

If you do not know about copywriting and totally newbie to this section you must consider the following things.

  • Study sales pages
  • Observe how they were written
  • Research over internet about copywriting
  • Write some drafts first
  • Be confident that you must could do.
  • Take an initial test.

You couldn't success in copywriting unless you can make good sales letters and sales pages. Now get some tips about how you can write a good sales letter and sales page.

  • Research : It is the most essential thing to follow. Research in internet , library, books whatever source you get. If you have seven days to write a sales page, spend six days in researching.
  • Focus on offer : always try to focus on what the company is offering. Try to avoid cost based offers. Create a attractive show of the offer.
  • Proof : Provide an interview of a satisfied customer in the sales page. show some some expeiments about how the product works.
  • Allure people : Make people allured about your product. But this process should be in legal and humble way.

A list of some websites where you can find buyers who are seeking for a copywriter

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