Friday, January 20, 2012

Wapka shout box tutorial

With a Shout box funtion a visitor can give his shout in any website or wapsite. It is something like twitter's tweet. But shout box's shouts are visible to all and stay on homepage or any selected page. In this tutorial , I will give a step by step tutorial to make a shout box in wapka.

  1. Log in to your wapka and go to edit site.
  2. create a simple forum with name 'view all shouts'
  3. You will get a forum id when you enter into the forum in admin mode(bottom right corner). write down the forum id.
  4. copy this link and paste it where you want the shoutbox be appeared 

Now change ID by your forum id that you have written down in 3rd step.

Remember , all ID should be replaced by your forum id.

Your shout box is complete. If you find any error with these codes, Please inform me. I will give a tutorial of making advance shout box in next tutorial. Till then, Allah hafiz.

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