Saturday, January 14, 2012

Make money by selling photos online

Today i will discuss about how to make money by selling photos online. please read this article first check earning site legacy. well, before introducing make sure that you have a good digital camera, you ought to be a good photographer and you have enough time to spend in this sector.

you must know some kind of photo editing as croping, density, shadow, sharpening the photo etc. you have to have a mind to face rejection :) cause all of your photos will not be granted. capture the any thing  you see as scenery, party, moral, abstract etc. you should know about keywording, don't worry ! it is not as hard as it heard . as you have uploaded a photo of a cow , the keyword would be 'cow' , 'animal' , etc. the keyword is necessery because the photo selling websites have their own sea rch engine to find photos. in the below list, i have emphasized some tips you should remember to success in making money from online by selling photos.

  • keywording. You have already read it in this article.
  • photo editing. You have already read it in this article. but it doesn't mean that you make an entire photo with photoshop. it is just adjusting some little affects to look it better.
  • capture a same scene from different angles then choose the better.
  • when you will be making money by selling your photos over internet. invest more time on it and upgrade your accessories.

In the following list i am giving some good websites where you could sell your photos and instruction of joining and selling photos . Hope it will help you.

1. iStockPhoto : It is a community to sell photos where a photo can sell his photo and get the royality (60%) .

  • First go to 
  • Join free and log in to your account.
  • Go to apply section and select photo.
  • submit 3 samples of your work.
  • minimum payout is 100$.

2. Fotolia : It is a perfect platform for professionals. it is easy to navigate. Gives you more funcionality.

  • Go to
  • Register and log in to your account.
  • Go to "My files".
  • select uploas then simple upload.
  • set appropriate category and keyword for that.
  • minimum payout is 50$.

3. BigStock : This site specially for high quality photos. high ranked.

  • Go to
  • sign up and start uploading.
  • minimum payout is 50$.

4. ShutterStock : suitable for newbies. cause if you refer a photographer then the minimum pay out will be come down to 0.03$.

  • Go to
  • Provide credit card info to verify.

5. ClusterShot : You should be charged to join in this site, But the income growth is fast.

  • Join by visiting
  • submit your photos.
  • set price of these photos.
  • minimum payout is 100$.

Other popular websites to sell your photos

if you are from bangladesh , you should read this topic Withdraw paypal money in Bangladesh . cause almost all websites pay photographers by paypal. For more assistance, please comment under this post.

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