Thursday, January 5, 2012

Withdraw paypal money in Bangladesh

since paypal is a great way to withdraw balance into cash from
internet , a freelancer must have paypal account to withdraw his
balance with . but in bangladesh paypal is not supported. There have
thousands of freelancer and business man in bangladesh who are doing
their jobs and business over the internet .
To solve their problem i found some tricks . the first trick is
possible if any of your relatives lives in united states .

you have to do as following step by step .

1 . Go to

2 .select registration

3. you couldnt see bangladesh in country list (very frustrating) .
select unite states

4 . ask your relative who staying in united states to give his tax
paying pin . that is to be provide during registration.

5 . complete registration . when you want to withdraw your balance
provide your releative's bank account details(you should ask in before)

6 . now tell him to send you money via western union money transfer.


it is a simple way but you have to pay more . just go to and create an account . they would convert your paypal
balance into TAKA .

please comment under this post . your comment will encourage me to
provide more information.

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