Thursday, January 5, 2012

make money by wapka wapsite builder

you can earn money by building a wapsite for mobile devices providing
contents for mobile . you can do it with knowing no programming
language . because many sites are offering free hosting for wapsite
where you could build your own wapsite by thier ready made interface .
mobile internet users are increasing day by day so it is your time to
grab the traffic and generate money with those . some good advertising
companies are existing to give you money by placing their ads on your
wapsite . some advertising companies: 'admob' which is aquired by
google some others are buzzcity , mobgold these also are good . all
you need is to go to a wapsite builder site and sign up for them and
start wapsite making . you can make any type of wapsite whatever you
want . there are some wapsite builders site on internet such as etc . i like personally because with that you could build any type of
site . this cms provides a lot of functionality . you can creat
download site , blog , social messaging , toplist what ever you want
with almost zero programming knowledge.


1 . go to and click on registration .you will have to
choose your username and that is your site adress as (dont worry ! you could set up your own domain
in wapka as .com .net .org .tk etc ) so if you choose
'example' as your username.your site adress will be
' '. in registration proccess you dont need to
verify your email . but remember that you will be asked to go to your
inbox .

2 . after registering , now log in ( you will be automatically
redirect to admin panel after registering )

3 . go to setting and tick on every unticked box except'allow browser
4 . now click on admin mode .

5 . you are in your working area now . to creat a page select 'creat
new page/site' from menu and choose a name for that.

6 . take a overview to the whole menu . see you could use feedback
form , poll , counter , user uploader built in functionality .

it is all for today :) in next post of this series i will make you
many steps ahead in wapsite building using wapka . till then take care
and Allah Hafiz.

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