Thursday, January 5, 2012

My blog restored-Ridiculous google bot

1 hour ago i found that my blog is no longer existing when i wanted to visit my blog it showed that the blog has been removed (due to breaking rule) . then i logged in to google blogger help forum and create question regarding the issue . sometimes later an official google moderator gave me some links to read google's blogger terms and conditions . i had read those all and i was confirmed that my blog doesn't contain any content which is illigale according to google regualtion . so i replied straightly that i have not posted any wrong material there . after half hour i got my blog again and it is like before . can imagine how irresponsible google is to their blogger ? is not google making revenue with us? so why this type of occurance happance? if i didn't know about the support forum then? i would lost my blog forever despite i was honest . the occurance happened because of wrong scripting of google's spam detector bot . it was detected my blog posts as spam !!!! how funny it is .

now i am getting info that many blogs have been remove . if it is happened to you then please go to support forum , creat an account and post your problem . our badluck is that we choosed a platform like blogger for blogging .

Regards : Admin

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