Friday, January 6, 2012

mlm Bangladesh success guide 2

i wrote 1-2 tips in  the first article about mlm success . please read it first if you missed that   read it

3 . talk with some persones who are now well established in network marketing . follow their instruction , think about ther outlook , mlm is a business is directly working with people , so you have to convince people about your product and marketing plan . i can suggest you book named "Think and Grow Rich" which was written by Napoleon Hill in 1930's . here is the free download link of the book . download link

4 . mlm is still a obscure matter among the people of bangladesh . make your business clear to the persone you targeted .

5 . don't provide wrong information or don't talk false . tell them what your company is offering really . if you make them joined by deceitfull tricks , you will suffer in the long run .

6 . join in mlm seminers provided by your company . it will defenitely encourage you to go ahead as well as guide you through the right path . 

7 . you ought to be trained under a goog trainer . it is vital in mlm business to aquire suggestions from the precusors of your line .

8 . present your product before people nicely . tell about its advantages and disadvantages too . i know that most of the mlm products have little disadvantages . so telling the right information wouldn't make people frightened . 

it is all for today . i will provide more tips about mlm in next post . if you have any query or suggestion . write that in comment area . thnx

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