Monday, January 9, 2012

Fraud survey sites

surveying is a very popular niche among the freelancers . you can earn a good amount of money daily by surveying in diffenrent survey sites . but all of the survey sites existing on the internet are not legal or paying some will cheat with you by deceitful tricks , so it is to be cared about fraud survey sites . otherwise you will be caught by them . now i will tell about some survey sites that does not pay actually .their goal is to finish their work by alluring people and get traffic to their sites . 
 here is the list of some fraud survey sites : 
1 . ( this is a survey site for asia pacific region . but the truth is that they are not payout ) .

2 . (earlier they used to pay the customers and got the faith of people . later the offered custemers to invest to their sites for more earning . but the people who invested to their site didn't get their capital too . so its now become a scam survey site . don't trust them .

3 . (100% scam ! it deceited with all of its customers . don't fall into trap of scour )

4 . ( i personally worked on it . they will promise high sallery but wouldn't pay out )

5 . ( it also is now a fraud survey site though it paid for several years when after launching )

i think this this article will help you to track out the fake survey sites over internet . thank you 

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