Monday, January 9, 2012

oDesk readiness test answers

nowdays many people treat odesk as their second office . because there is a lot of opportunities to earn a handsome amount of money . it connects buyers with talented freelancers . so if anybody want find job at odesk , he has to have a goog contracto profile . a readiness test will make your profile better ( if you pass it ) . so passing the readiness test is very important . now i will
give the solutions of odesk readiness test exam .

1 . log in to your odesk account and go to ' my contractor profile ' > take the odesk readiness test under ' my profile ' section .
2 . you will be redirect to the introduction page . click on ' ready to take the test ' > 'Start test' 
3 . You are now at the expertrating odesk test section. Click 'Continue'
4 . now a question will appear . it is first question . ( the serial of the question could be changed , but the answer will be same )

QUES 1 : "How feedback works on oDesk? "Ans : all of the above .

QUES 2 : "Which of the following statements about the oDesk Team application are true? "Ans : all of the above .

QUES 3 : "Employers set weekly limits on hourly contracts, how do these works?" Ans : all of the above .

QUES 4 : "Which of the following are NOT allowed when applying to job posting?" Ans : all of the above .

QUES 5 : "Which of the following options is listed first? Note that you do NOT have to log into any actual Team Room to answer this question". Ans : team room .

QUES 6 : "Which of the following statements are correct about oDesk fees?" Ans : all of the above .

QUES 7 : "Can I start my own agency on oDesk?" Ans : all of the above .

QUES 8 : "Which of the following is true of your oDesk Work Diary?" Ans : all of the above .

QUES 9 : "What do you need to do to ensure guaranteed payment on hourly jobs?" Ans : all of the above .

QUES 10 : "How does oDesk’s dispute resolution policy for work? "Ans : all of the above.

after answering all questions . click on finish exam . see the result whether you passed or not . comment below if you need more assistance . Allah hafiz . :)

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