Monday, January 16, 2012

oDesk spelling test (US) Trick

If you are a freelancer working on odesk, You know how much valuable a Odesk test is. So if you do well in a odesk test, It will be much easier to Get a job than before. If your odesk test results are good, You would be highly paid. Did you take any odesk test? fade up with getting Under 4 in every test?

Now its time to get 5/5 !!!

It is a simple task to do. We will take odesk spelling test where you have to misspelled word or correct word among misspelled words.

  • sit for odesk spelling Test (us).
  • Open Microsoft office.
  • Now check spelling errors by typing words on ms word.
  • Misspelled words are underlined in ms word.
  • So now its easy to find which is correctly spelled and which is misspelled.

Won't you get 5 out of 5 in This test? sometime You might find two or more than correct answers, Ans them by your own witness.

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