Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Make money by writing article

Hello guyz, Today i will provide a brief description about how you can make money by writing articles. As it is my favourite way to make money from online. You can choose different ways to make mony by writing articles.

Well, if you know about article writing (almost all of us know this) , You can earn by your articles. Some websites over internet have created opportunity for article writers to earn money by their articles. I devide these websites in two types.

1. Payment by perfomance : You will get paid according to how your articles will be popular , how much rating you will get, page view of your articles. So , you wouldn't get your payment immidietly after finishing the article. But you will earn maximum from your articles (slowly). Here is a list of websites that give payment by the perfomance of your article.

  • infobarrel : If you have an adsense account, You can share revenue with infobarrel. Your articles' pages will be working like your webpage. set up adsense their and start making revenue. Your articles will get traffic cause infobarrel has a better search ranking.
  • Associated Content : It is aquired by Yahoo recently. So it gets more trust than before. You will get something immidietly after writing the article. Later your earning will increase if your articles get more page views.
  • Snipsly : Almost same as infobarrel. You should have adsense to make revenue with your articles.
  • Hubpages : I like this one. It has a high rank in google search. Your articles will get maximum traffic in its niche from google search. You have to add adsense to your pages. Payment is dependent on ads click.
  • BLOGGING : Its my favourite niche to make money with articles. And you are watching i am already get involved in it. Since you have total controls in your hand, You can write anything about you want. Income will be slowly or nothing from the first, But you will start to get the fruit By time. For more in details, click here

2. Upfront Pyment : f websites is You will be asked by either buyer or company to write an article according to their demand, You will get your payment immidietly after writing the article. Here is the list of these websites.

  • Textbroker : Nice place for article writers. If you don't want to write lengthy and complex articles , then this websites is appropriate for you. They usually pay 3$-8$ for each article. Payment via paypal. You will get paid two times in a month.
  • Demand studio : The most popular website among article writers. It publishes it articles in different website. You will get upto 30$ for an article.
  • Problogger : it is a great website with plentiful jobs. Very easy to get a job.
  • Craigslist : Get job by bidding as any other freelancing sites.
  • oDesk : I personally work their. There are a lot of buyers are waiting to hire you.

if you need more assistance , Feel free to comment below. This blog is just for helping you.

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