Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wapka search file by file id

(Updated article. Codes are taken from wapkatutor)

You can set a box in your wapka site where visitors could get a file by inputting file id.

Like, The song ****** has file id 39. If a user put 39 in search by file id box and press submit, He will be redirected to the download page of that file. Before enabling jump to file box, You have to make download page for files. 

The total proccess is here:


 *Log in to your wapka site.

 *Go to Admin mode - edit site - and creat a new site/page.(with any name you like. Name "Download" is recommended)

 *Now enter into that site and write down that's site id. (Right bottom corner of the page)

 *Paste this code in xhtml/wml inserting box of the page you have created just before.



 -Enter into the page you want to set the search box (in admin mode)

 -Go to wml/xhtml input box and paste the following codes.

-change  'X' with site id you have written down in first step.(3rd line)

You have done this process! Request me more tutorials by commenting on posts

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