Sunday, January 1, 2012

withdraw microworkers payment in bangladesh

Micworkers.Com provides a great opportunity to make money online.
There are lots of successful freelancers from Bangladesh who is making
about 10,000/= or more per month just doing simple jobs at
Microworkers.Com. So you can try it out too. Microwrkers.Com is not a
SCAM site. They are legit. There are lots of payment proof of
microworkers.Com freelancers around the world.

Are you Microworkers freelancer from Bangladesh? Are you confused
about getting payment from Microworkers.Com? Here I will show you how
you can get payment from Microworkers.Com.

You already know that the minimum payout at microworkers.Com is $9. It
sends payment via PayPal, Moneybookers or Alertpay. As Paypal is not
allowed in Bangladesh, you have to receive payment via Moneybookers or
Alertpay. You will get payment within 30 days after placing a
withdrawal request.

You can also receive payment via check. But don't use this method. You
have to spend about $30 (2300 Tk) in your bank (Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd)
to deposit funds to your account. Not only that, it may take upto one
month to receive payment from the bank. DBBL usually charge 2300/= for
your international checks (Like Google Adsense check, which is from
City Bank, NY).

I prefer payment via Moneybookers. You can transfer funds from
Moneybookers to DBBL very easily. DBBL will charge only $2 for the

Hope that you can now fully concentrate doing jobs at
Microworkers.Com. Do let me know if you face any problem about
payment. I will always there for you to broaden my hand for you.

if this post helpful to you please ask for info or tutorial what you
want by comment.

good luck and happy new year

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