Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Earn money on odesk

odesk is a great and most popular freelancing site among the freelancers.

you can earn a good amount of money by doing work like article writing
, programming , graphics designing bla bla bla whatever you can or
want to do.

in this simple tutorial i will let you know about the primary steps of
newbies who want to work in odesk.

1 . go to www.odesk.com and click on 'register as a freelancer'

2 . complete the all required steps and get registered.

3 . now here the work starts. you have to have good profile . because
the buyer or employee would hire you if you have compelling profile
with numerous information about you and your previous works , port
folios etc. please mind it that you couldnt get work unless you have
alluring profile.it is necessery to appear as a professional
worker.always be honest about your abilities.
Try your lebel best to .make your odesk profile 100% ok.

4 . creat a alluring tagline. it is so important to get a job on
odesk. remember that a employee would see tagline first after your
name.tagline is for describe about your ability in short.so if your
tagline is a nice one employee will be interested about you.

5.test your skill by doing odesk exam or tests. the higher you get
marks or percentige there the higher is the possibility to get job.

6 . please bid a standard amount below any job. dont underestimate or
dont be excessive.

7. read the job description carefully. remember you have to provide a
cover letter. if the cover letter is not related with the job , you
will be refuse directly.

8. keep a good term relationship with the employees. which will bring
more jobs to you in future.

this is all a newbie has to follow as a freelancer.if you have any
question or request then comment below. REGARGS admin

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