Friday, February 17, 2012

Best book of SEO

After a break of one week, I am posting again in this blog. Today I will tell you about a book of SEO (search engine optimization). For a long time, i was searching for the methods of how can place my blog on the first page of Google search result under certain niche. I visited forums, blogs, and downloaded eBooks and did many things. But all of those seemed fruitless. One week before, i found a recommendation of a book titled "The SEO bible, be the god of SEO". I amazed with the book name and clicked on the link. I came to know that the book was written by a SEO expert 'John chow'. I could not by the book directly because i had not any PayPal account (PayPal is not supported in Bangladesh) or Credit card. But i was resolute to get that eBook because i was getting just 500-600 visitors daily while my blog has about 80 articles. I mailed to author offering giving me his book for placing that book's ad on my blog. He agreed and i got the eBook.

I started reading the eBook and just amazed with the clear explanation and unknown aspects of seo. I research a lot on internet about blog SEO, but the information and tips of that book was totally new to me. I applied the tips of that eBook to self hosted wordpress blog and this blogger blog. After 2 days I was astonished after watching my visitor counter! OMG!!

2500 unique visitors in last 12 hours! Most of them were from Google search result. I understood that the tricks were great.

Why should you buy that eBook:

Latest: The tips that are described in that book are totally new and latest. The ways are mainly based on new algorithm structure of Google search. So don't fall back with backdated seo definition.

Easygoing: The author explains everything transparently. So you don't have to swim over the dictionary to find the appropriate meaning. Every tips and tutorial is accessible of that eBook.

Cheap: It costs less than any other paid SEO eBook in the market. But the it has the best quality that other do not have. The ebook is on testing process, price could be increasing in latter.

Discount on next edition: Buyers will get discount on next release of this eBook. Every buyer will be provided with a unique pin code after buying the eBook. That could be used for getting 40% discount from the total cost of the book of next release.

And last but not least, this book was written by the SEO bosses of the world who are dominating the Google search result.

So, don't delay. Grab your copy now. Don't miss this great chance of ruling Google search engine. Get it before everybody gets it.


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