Friday, May 11, 2012

Free wordpress Set up

Hello friends !

After a long time, i am posting an article in this blog. Many of my readers who visit this blog regularly were asking for new articles. I apologize to them as i was so much busy with my study and could not post new articles.

Well, Now i have brought a wonderful service for my readers. As i am free for next two months, i will spend that time for serving my blog readers. I know you are already began thinking about what could be that service.

I will assist you in making a killer wordpress blog. The assistance is began from Choosing a domain name to make first $500 profit with your blog. 

I will guide you through the proccess of choosing a domain name, choosing appropriate hosting plan in response to your blog needs.

Setting up a wordpress blog, making your wordpress blog SEO friendly, Designing wordpress blog, Writing SEO friendly articles, Getting 1000 daily visitors withing 15 days.

Got tired of hearing these all services? well, the service list is not finished yet. I will consult you about which advertising network should you use and so on.

Are you thinking how much you have to pay for all of these services? The answer is not a single penny. I will do these all for FREE!!!!!.

I have been consulting about wordpress blog for a long time. But that was paid. Now i am giving way my services for free to my blog readers.

Just sign up to my email news letter. And mail me with the email address you used for signing up. I will guide you through the proccess.

Don't worry about your blog's security. All of your hosting and domain details will remain unknown to me.

If anyone need these all services at one at any other wordpress geek, he has to pay more than $100 for that. But i am giving that for free and exclusively for my blog readers.

So what are you waiting for? sign up to my newsletter and email me to mentioning what type of blog you want to set up.

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