Saturday, February 4, 2012

Increase Google page rank

In search engine optimization, google page rank is a frequently asked topic. If you are owning a blog, It is so important to have good page rank in order to good placement in google search to related niches. Google page rank has 0-10 possible values. The higher the page rank the more visit you will get from the google search in to your blog.Well, now i am going to tell you how you could increase your page rank.

  1. Link building: As google spider consider backlinks as an important matter, You should build a good amount of backlinks in different sites. You can submit your site to directories, comment on dofollow blogs, share links with other sites.
  2. Keywords and description: Use lots of related keywords in meta tag. Remember, the keywords must be related to your site's contents. Otherwise google spider will punish you for keyword deceiting by lowering your search engine visibility.
  3. Using dots: Put dots ............. in beneath of your pages. Place at least on link of google on your website.
  4. H1 tag: Use h1 tag for all contents of your page except header and title. This trick is deceitful. So, use it on your own risk.
  5. words: adults words are banned from google page ranking(not google search). so, if your site is not an adult site. Don't use adult words.
  6. visitors: getting visitors is also a fact for page rank. so try to catch more visitors as you can. 
  7. Content rich: Make your site content rich. You would see that sitess having poor contents or fewer contents have a few page rank or not have page rank actually. so its important to make a content rich website for getting page rank.
  8. Stay away from deceitful tricks: Don't use any deceitful seo technic or black hat trick. You may get the fruit at eve, but you must be punished in the long run.

In this article, I have tried to let you inform about some seo tips of page rank. Don't think these as trick. The points i focused on are legitimate way for increasing your page rank. If you have any question, Please comment under this post. I will reply instantly.

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