Saturday, February 4, 2012

Make money as a php programmer

Php is a powerful web programming language. Any one who knows php can make a dynamic website by php. Php is easier to learn than that of other programming language like java, c, perl etc. A php programmer can earn money from online in various ways. It is difficult to choose the right path you should go on.

Ways of making money as a php developer:

  • Freelancing: Before all, I will prefer freelancing to make money as a php programmer. Because it is the most effective and independent way to make money as programmer. Many freelancing website out there to aid you in this regard by providing jobs. Many people are waiting for you to make a website, debuging scripts, handeling error, create a plug in, make a business database for them. You can go to,, etc websites for finding new jobs. But the job is not easy to find at first time. Browse my freelancer help section to see how you could manage a job easily. You must create a portfolio of your projects you have done. 
  • Making games: If you are a php expert, You could easily make some amazing online games. Gaming scripts need complex coding. You may have to know java script, ajax as well. After creating a game either You may sell that to the online game buyer website or you will set up a website to the gamers for playing that game and make money by the website.
  • Make a php application: You can make attractive php apps for making money. Think of the current need of the customers and make a suitable application which will be appreciated by the customers. For example, You make a script which will show the google page rank of a website. Now you can sell this script to the interested buyer or you can make a website regarding it "Google page rank checker"
  • : I would recommend this website for being hired. In this site employers will hire you for a particular purpose in fixed rate or hourly basis.
  • Elance: This is a freelancing website. It was mentioned in the first hint. But i am repeating it because it is a ideal place for a php developer for making money. There are a lot of php related jobs in that website. You can get one easily.

If you take a complex a project without having enough knowledge in php, You will be frustrated. So it is recommended that you mantain a ascending process from easier to harder. But it is true that you will learn in mistakes.

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