Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Websites for selling photos

In one of my previous posts I shared about how you can make money by selling photos online and also provided some websites' url. The first post was about tips and trick you can use while want to sell your photos on those sites. So it is important to read the first article. You can read it from here. http://bdonlinecash.blogspot.com/2012/01/make-money-by-selling-photos-online.html
Today, i am going to provide you overviews of some popular photo selling websites.

These websites are trusted and serving photo sellers from long time. You can sell your photos on them easily.

Websites where anyone can sell his photos:

Snapvillage: One of the most popular online photo market place. Many professional photo sellers and passionate wealthy buyers are available in snapvillage. So, it’s easy to sell your photos there. No forbidden, no restriction and no higher service charges. You can present as many photo as you want. The photos will be reviewed first by the snapvillage staffs before putting on photo marketplace.

istockphoto: The biggest name in the era of photo selling and buying. I love this photo selling website because a photo seller can sell his photos immediately. Though it holdback more royalties than other, the amount of earning will not be less than that of other websites. I personally recommend this website. You can earn more from that in many ways that will be published soon.

stockxpert: stockxpert is becoming popular day by day. It gives royalty free photos to the customers but they pay to the sellers they had bought form. It provides real time balance check for the photo sellers. Balance will be shown in your own currency.

Fotolia: The first photo provider company of the world. It is also like stockxpert. It provides their service in many languages.

123rf: A seller gets 50% of royalty of their selling in 123rf. It has a big market of photo buyers and sellers. The important thing you must remember that “Quality Photos”.

In the end of this post i would say that be honest in your way. Capture attracting photos. Remember, Photography is an art whether it is on online or real world.

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