Monday, February 6, 2012

Best Blogging Platforms

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Today i am going to tell about some blogging platforms you can blog in. As i am a blogger, I think my ideas and experience will assist you in the field of blogging. Blogging is a standard way of spreading your thoughts over the world, Making frineds from differnet parts of the world, promoting your business and making money as well. But it is little bit difficult to find the right platform for blogging. In this post i will discuss the features about some blogging platforms.

The Best Blogging Platforms You Can Blog With:

Blogger: The first platform i would suggerst you is Blogger. If you are a new blogger and don't want to go through a tedious setting up proccess, then the blogger is best for you. It has many built in functions to make your blog more interactble. The best thing why i like this platform is their hosting is FREE!!. You don't have to spend a peny for blogging. Where you have to waste a good deal of dollars for renting web hostings in other platforms. This blogging platform is also search engine frinedly. It is more reliable than other because it is owning by google. The only disadvantage of blogger is you could not post articles as you wish. Blogger has strict rules about illegal contents.

Wordpress: Wordpress is The most popular blogging platform in these days. It is suitable for making a professional blog. Almost all giant blogs of the world is using wordpress such as lifehacker, techcrunch etc. There are a lot of avaibility of themes and plug ins for wordpress. This blogging platform is search engine friendly. You can find many ready made seo plug ins for wordpress. You can also make wordpress blog as a community, business website etc. So you can use wordpress for versatile purposes. It will give you the full experience of blogging.

Typepad: It is an award winner blogging platform of 2012. Typepad becoming more and popular day by day. It has mobile, iphone, ipad capabilities too. More than two hundreds template are available for designing your blog as you wish. Remote posting eases your blogging. You can post articles for far by email and phone. A true blogging platform for bloggers.

Livejournal: An unique blogging platform for bloggers. It supports remote posting. An easy going admin panel will ease your blogging. You can find many famous blog built on Livejournal. Many stylish templates will make your blogger good looking. It has handphone capability as well.

Others: You can use other platforms as well, such as squarespace, xanga, open salon. These are also widely used blogging platforms. You can check one of them.

In this article, I have tried to assist you by providing some info. If you have any question or feedback, Please comment on this post.

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