Thursday, January 12, 2012

7 best ways to make money from online in bangladesh

Hello friends . Good morning , Today i will discuss about how you could make money from online in Bangladesh . But before this you have to know how you could withdraw those money in bangladesh. Paypal is the most popular online payment system . almost all freelancing companies pay by paypal . so read this article first Withdraw paypal money in Bangladesh

  1. Freelancing : The first thing i should prefer that is freelancing . there is a huge opportunity for you to make some extra cash by working on etc. but earning money is not so easy as you think and as not as hard as your friends told .
  2. Blogging : blogging is great way to make money from online . all you have to do is posting good articles and increase your blog's visitor . the more traffic you get on your blog the more you earn from adsense .
  3. Photo selling : If you have a digital camera , you can make revenue with that . many websites over internet are searching for good photos and photographer .
  4. Clicking ads : I have already posted an article concerning this Read This 
  5. Web design : Do you know some web programming (php,,js etc) language and css ? I am assuring you that you could get rich by selling your websites . its a highly demanding niche in these days .
  6. Ebook selling : Make some ebook about what you well known and promote them via social networks like fb twitter . you can start selling your ebooks without any cost at amazon kindle , etc ebook selling platforms .
  7. : I highly recommend this site for bangladeshi freelancers . there you will be paid for writing articles . their payment method is most attractable. they can pay via mobile rechard , so you don't have to wait for checks or mastercards .

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