Monday, January 9, 2012

How to remove wapka ads

i have several articles about wapka . read this make money with wapka . as wapka is a free hosting , the only earning of the wapka owner is ads displaying bottom of every pages of every sites . sometime we see 1 ad sometime 2 and some times even 3 . some wapmasters are really worried about those ads .  you can remove those ads with some simple codes .

remove mobile ads: paste this code at the bottom of your site . [ remove # to use it ]

remove pc ads : i know that you get some pc visitors too . wapka ads also show in pc mode , but those are different . you can disable pc mode ads by putting following codes in "Head Tag"

<#style type="text/css">
.item-control {
display : none;
.item-control a, .item-action a {
text-decoration : none !important ;
.widget-item-control {
float : right;
.icon-action {
border-style : none !important ;
margin : 0 0 -5px 0.5em !important ;
@media handheld {
.BLOG_mobile_video_class {
display : inline;
.BLOG_video_class {
display : none;

[remove '#' from the code ]

i don't know how much you could apply this trick . because wapka admin  probably working to solve it . if he find the solution  the codes above wouldn't work anymore .

this trick is against wapka TOS . if you caught , your site could be removed . so use it at your own risk . you can remove your wapka ad in a legitimate way . that is by referring user to wapka . your referral link is . for each visitor, who visit site of member, which you referred, you will get bonus 1 site without top and bottom advertisement.
Example: You have wap site with 1000 displayed wap sites by day. Your members have 1000 visitors by day. It means, that your site will be without advertisement . is not it well to follow the legit way ?

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